International Mathematical Olympiad 2024

On 6 June 2022 the IMO Jury voted to reassign the hosting of IMO 2024 from Ukraine to the United Kingdom. This was because of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The IMO Board and the organizers of IMO 2024 hope that there will be an IMO in Ukraine as soon as conditions allow.

This is the first announcement concerning IMO 2024 in the UK. We have funding in place, and will make an announcement about that as soon as the formalities are concluded.

Naturally we will seek to make the event even better than IMO 2019, so we will repeat the things which went well in 2019, and change everything which did not work smoothly.

Provisionally then, we expect that the IMO 2024 sites will be as IMO 2019, with the University of Bath as the students’ site, and the Celtic Manor hotel as the Leaders’ site. The Director of IMO 2024 will be Dr Ceri Fiddes, and many of the senior organizers will also be as at IMO 2019.

By a coincidence of the calendar, we can use exactly the same dates as IMO 2019, so leaders’ arrival day will be 11 July 2024 and departure day for everyone will be 22 July 2024.

This information may change in the next few months, so do not rely on this announcement as definitive.

Ceri Fiddes & Geoff Smith